Newton Hall Wedding Photographer

An Autumn Newton Hall Wedding: Charlotte and John

On the blog today is an Autumn Newton Hall Wedding featuring the wedding of Charlotte and John.  Newton Hall is one of those venues I love shooting at but it had been 12 months since I was last there.  The old saying “Absence makes the…

London Wedding Photographer

A Vermont Hotel Gatsby Wedding: Rachel and Cam

Stood on top of the banks of the Tyne, overlooking the City is the imposing Art Deco Vermont Hotel.  It’s a stunning hotel and wedding venue, one that I love shooting at.  Newcastle is the city of my birth and a place I am proud…

Essex Wedding Photographer

A Wedderburn Barns Wedding: Gemma and Callum

A Wedderburn Barns Wedding is always a lot of fun to shoot.  It has a bit of everything from the rural look and feel to the grandeur of Wedderburn Castle.  Early autumn is a great time to shoot there with the colours of the leaves…

Bamburgh Castle Wedding Photography

Bamburgh Castle Wedding Photography: Julie and Nick

Since I started out as a wedding photographer I’ve had a bucket list of venues across the UK.  I’ve gradually chipped away at the list.  But a couple of venues have eluded me.  One of those was Bamburgh Castle….that was until September when I finally…

Essex Wedding Photographer

A Rainy Woodhill Hall Wedding: Sam and Clive

So the week before I was at Woodhill Hall shooting a wedding on a glorious sunny day.  7 days later I was shooting a Rainy Woodhill Hall Wedding for Sam and Clive.  What a difference a week makes.  Did the rain spoil the day?  Of…

Woodhill Hall Wedding Photographer

DIY Woodhill Hall Wedding: Anna and Daniel

Today I bring you this amazing DIY Woodhill Hall Wedding.  Anna and Daniel had the most amazing day having travelled up to Northumberland from London.  Here is the story of their stunning day in the sun! I’ve always said that Woodhill Hall is a special venue….

Alnwick Garden Wedding Photography

A Summer Alnwick Garden Wedding

The Alnwick Garden is a venue I seem to have been at a lot lately. In the height of the summer holidays it offers some interesting challenges but nothing can take away from how stunning it is. Sarah and Mike’s Summer Holiday Alnwick Garden wedding…

Jesmond Dene House Wedding Photography

A Summer Jesmond Dene House Wedding

I love shooting weddings at Jesmond Dene House. And a summer Jesmond Dene House Wedding always provides lots of colour, fun and detail. The grounds and surrounding area are a green oasis in the middle of the city. Julie and John’s choice of venue was…

Hilltop Northumberland Wedding

A Hilltop Northumberland Wedding: Jo and Ben

“Have you ever shot a Hilltop Northumberland Wedding before?”  What an opening line!!  I was sat in the office editing when Jo’s mum called me.  The plans for the wedding sounded amazing.  Totally rural, on top of a hill in the middle of Northumberland, followed…

Elegant Woodhill Hall Wedding

An Elegant Woodhill Hall Wedding

If there’s a wedding venue that has gone through an unbelievable transformation it’s Woodhill Hall. The phrase “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” came to mind but somehow the team up there not only fixed it but turned what was a mindblowing venue into…